Archived Executive Committee Agendas

The RCA Executive Committee meets at 12:00 p.m. in the RCA Conference Room, located at 3403 Tenth Street, Suite 320, Riverside CA 92501. The meeting dates are show below. When the prepared documents are completed a link will be available, below.Some computers may need to have Adobe Reader reader installed to view documents.
A link to the vendor’s download can be found here.
Meeting Date Agenda/Reports Minutes Board Package
January 20, 2016  View  View  View
February 17, 2016  View  View  View
March 16, 2016  View  View  View
April 20, 2016  View  View  View
May 18, 2016  View  View View
June 15, 2016  View  View  View
July – Board Dark  N/A  N/A  N/A
August 17, 2016  View View  View
September 21, 2016  View  View  View
October 19, 2016  View  View
November 16, 2016  View  View  View
December 21, 2016  View View View


Meeting Date Agenda/Reports Minutes Board Package
December 16, 2015 View  View View
November 18, 2015 View  View View
October 21, 2015 View  View View
September 16, 2015 View
August 19, 2015 View  View View
June 17, 2015 View
May 20, 2015 View
April 15, 2015 View  View View
March 18, 2015 View  View View
February 18, 2015 View  View View
January 21, 2015 View  View View


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The Agenda/Reports are provided in an HTML format with links to PDF documents. The Board Package is single PDF file prepared for ease of use on mobile devices.