During the development of the MSHCP, the role of agriculture was thoroughly considered. Normal agricultural operations have the potential to adversely affect both habitat and rare, endangered, and threatened species themselves. As a result, it was important that the development of new rules under the MSHCP protect existing agricultural operations from being found out of compliance with the MSHCP and that an agreed amount of new agricultural land be able to enter production with coverage under the MSHCP.

The Riverside County Farm Bureau and County of Riverside entered into an agreement to insure the MSHCP would not adversely impact agriculture. Following issuance of the permits that enabled RCA’s work, RCA assumed the general implementation duties for the MSHCP, representing both Riverside County and the cities and working with the county and the Farm Bureau to clarify the relationship between Agriculture and the MSHCP.

An Agricultural Operations Database of existing agricultural operations has been prepared using various methods of reporting, including Assessor’s Tax Roll, pesticide permits and miscellaneous registrations required by the County Agricultural Commissioner (Commissioner), in addition to aerial photographs. RCA is now the host of the database and the information is available plotted on maps in GIS format. Working cooperatively with the Commission’s office, RCA ensures that the database is updated in accordance with the MSHCP.

In addition, existing agricultural operations make voluntarily apply for a Certificate of Inclusion (COI) that identifies them, including their location, thereby ensuring that the agricultural operations are protected under the MSHCP.

COI forms are available from the Commissioner’s Office or may be printed using the link below. Completed forms may be mailed or faxed to the Agricultural Commissioner’s office at 951-955-3012. The Commissioner’s office will verify the information and forward the form to the RCA for recording in the Database. RCA, upon recording the certificate, will return a signed copy to the Applicant and the Commissioner’s office.

Agricultural Certificate of Inclusion Forms

Certificate of Inclusion (COI)

The COI is used to register both existing and proposed new agricultural lands into the Existing Agricultural Operations database for the MSHCP and Permits.

All information on Page 1 of the application should be completed and signed. If the owner and operator are different BOTH names and addresses are required but only one qualified signature is needed.

Page 2 serves as Exhibit Number 1. Listing each Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) and parcel acreage is required. Crop type is optional and more than one crop may be listed to the same APN. Note: If only a portion of the parcel is actively under agriculture use, the owner/operator should still record the total APN acreage. Mapping exhibits similar to those used in pesticide permits are not required.

1. A guide to the Agriculture Certificate of Inclusion

2. Volume One – MSHCP Implementation Structure 6.2 Agriculture 

3. Volume One – Covered Activities – Allowable Uses 7.3.3 Agriculture Lands

4. Volume Two – The Implementing Agreement – Agriculture Only

5. Volume Four – The Final EIR – EIS Environmental Setting – Affected Environment 3.2.1 Agricultural Resources

6. Volume Four – Environmental Impacts – Environmental Consequences 4.2.1 Agriculture 

7. Volume Four – Cumulative Impacts 5.1.2 Agriculture and Extractive Responses 

8. Agriculture Certificate of Inclusion Form (PDF)

Map – Western Riverside County Agriculture Lands (300dpi) (27.4MB)

Map- Western Riverside County Agriculture Lands (100dpi) (5MB)



If you have any questions regarding the agricultural COI, please contact:

Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority
Riverside Centre Building
3403 10th Street, Suite 320
P.O. Box 1667
Riverside, CA 92502-1667

Phone   (951) 955-9700
Fax       (951) 955-8873

Riverside County Agricultural Commissioner
County Administrative Center
4080 Lemon Street, Room 19
P.O. Box 1089
Riverside, CA 92501-1089

Phone:   951-955-3000
FAX:       951-955-3012