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Welcome to the RCA Library. Below you will find all of the documents relating to the formation, management, and ongoing activities of RCA. They are arranged in broad categories. We have also included links to useful resources.

Frequently Used (Links)

Archived Board of Director Meetings

Archived Executive Committee Meetings

Archived Stakeholder Meetings


Current Bylaws


Special Reports

Environmental Reference Materials (Links)

California DF&G Natural Diversity Database

CEQA Definitions

CEQA Process Flowchart

California Environmental Quality Act

CEQA Thresholds of Significance

Endangered/Threatened Species in California

LUPIN Environmental Planning Resources

Manual of California Vegetation

USFWS Endangered Species Program

Section 7 Consultation with U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service Section 404 Permit / Permits for Discharges of Dredged or Fill Material into Waters of the United States

University of California Riverside – Center for Conservation Biology (CCB)

Public Records Request (PDF)


2018 Civic Projects Fee Submittal Form (xls)

2018 Qualified Infrastructure Fee Submittal Form (xls)

2018 Development Mitigation Fee Submittal Form (xls)

2018 Flood Control Projects Fee Submittal Form (xls)

2018 Current MSHCP Fee Schedule

Instructions and Worksheet for Infrastructure Fees (Roads)

Fee Collection Process

Resolution 06-05 (Joint Project Review) as adopted by the RCA Board of Directors, May 2006

Final Mitigation Fee Nexus Report for the Western Riverside County MSHCP

Forms and Applications

Agricultural Certificate of Inclusion Form (MS Word 2003)

Agricultural Certificate of Inclusion Form (PDF)

Campaign Contribution Disclosure Form (MS Word)

Campaign Contribution Disclosure Form (PDF)

Participating Special Entity Application Form – Revised 9/22/2009 (MS Word 2003)

Participating Special Entity Application Form – Revised 9/22/2009 (PDF)

Public Records Request (MS Word 2003)

Public Records Request (PDF)

Joint Project Review Fees

Joint Project Review (JPR) Application Form – Private Projects

Joint Project Review (JPR) Form – Public Projects

Species Survey Protocols

Fee Submittal Forms

Participating Special Entity Application Forms

Agricultural Certificate of Inclusion Forms



Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan

US Fish and Wildlife Biological Opinion Amendment – Sept 22, 2011

Riverside County General Plan

General Plan

Environmental Impact Report – Volume I

Environmental Impact Report – Volume II

Final Area Plan Maps – Updated

County-wide Circulation Element Map

General Plan Amendment No. 960/EIR No. 521/CAP