Instructions and Worksheet for Infrastructure Fees (Roads)

In accordance with the policy adopted by the Regional Conservation Authority Board of Directors on February 5, 2007, new transportation facilities (or facilities being widened) that are capacity enhancements are required to provide a 5% contribution towards the MSHCP as part of obtaining coverage under the plan.
The following methodology shall be used to determine the WRC MSHCP contribution using the attached WRC MSHCP worksheet (Click here).
Section A: Applicability – The following projects are not required to pay a contribution
1) Projects not within the WRC MSHCP boundary
2) Maintenance and Safety Projects, as follows:
Traffic Control Devices
Guardrails and Fences
Pavement Repairs
Accident Response
Tree Trimming
Natural Disaster Damage/Restoration of Emergency Access
Storm Damage
Weed Control
Grading Shoulders (up to 12 feet from the edge of paved or unpaved roadways)
Grading Existing Dirt Roadways
Dust Stabilization (including minor paving of dirt roads)
Culverts/Drop Structures
Roadway Widening (non-capacity enhancing)
Roadway Resurfacing
Ditch Clearing
Landscape Maintenance
Bridge Maintenance
Roadway Reconstruction
3) Projects on the State Highway system, regardless of fund source
4) Projects that are 100% paid for by TUMF or Measure “A” or a combination of these two sources (contribution towards MSHCP is paid by RCTC and WRCOG directly).
 Section B: Federal Funds
Use of Federal funds for MSHCP contribution on local roads is contingent upon approval by FHWA.  Projects with Federal funds shall be evaluated on a case-by-case basis.
Section C: Fee Calculation Methodology
For projects that are not exempt based on Section “A”;
1) Estimate the portion of the project construction cost only that is directly attributable to capacity enhancements, such as widening to add new lanes or a new facility, as shown on the attached worksheet.  Include the following items:
Grading and earthwork
Base material and paving
Curb and gutter (if new)
Relocation of utilities (if funded by Permittee)
Catch basins and laterals (if new)
New culverts (all types) or culvert extensions
New bridge structure or bridge widening
2) If projects are partially funded by TUMF or Measure “A”, determine the proportion of cost that is not TUMF or Measure “A”.  Apply that proportion to estimate under (1) above and (3) on following worksheet.
3) Determine 5% of the value of (1) above less TUMF or Measure “A” funded portion (2).
4) Transmit payment to the RCA upon approval of Permittee staff.


Click here for the WRC MSHCP worksheet. Please note: the instructions are also located on the second tab within the worksheet file.