Conservation Summary Report Generator

The County of Riverside, as a part of defining and approving the MSHCP, developed a tool to assist property owners, planning professionals, environmental consultants, and those interested in the growth of Riverside County’s reserve system. The County of Riverside owns and operates this site and RCA is providing this link as a courtesy to our website visitors.

If you know the Assessor’s Parcel Number (APN) for a property, you may see the environmental survey data for the parcel. When entering the parcel number be sure to omit all dashes. Run either a “Summary Report” or a “Full Report to find out whether the parcel is a part of the MSHCP, find out if the parcel is within one of the Criteria Cells established for the acquisition of habitat, and what special species of plants and animals may be present.

The “Full Report” option gives detailed information about the Area Plan for the region where the parcel is located and explains other aspects of the MSHCP.

If you do not know the APN for the parcel you may use the Map My County to look it up.

Conservation Summary Report Generator can be used to research properties for endangered species.