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The Western Riverside County Regional Conservation Authority (RCA)
manages the largest habitat conservation plan in the nation by:
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Environmental permits held by the RCA have helped improve Riverside County transportation by expediting freeway and road projects by as many as five years, saving taxpayers.

Latest News

The MSHCP Helps Protect Habitat Near Hamner Bridge in Norco

Building a bridge requires years of environmental and engineering studies, design, funding, and finally, construction. The Western Riverside County MSHCP also plays a role in project development to make sure sensitive habitat is protected near the bridge. The County...

Battling the Stinknet

You are relaxing in your garden and spy an ugly weed. Seizing your gardening gloves and a spade, you quickly remove it and keep your eyes peeled for other invaders. Similarly, on the thousands of acres of land protected by the MSHCP, the Western Riverside County RCA...

RCA and RCTC Women: Making a Difference

Case studies around the world show that when women lead in conservation efforts, indicators of success rise, according to a 2021 article about gender equality in the New York Times. The RCA and managing agency RCTC understand the value of women in the workplace and...

City Spotlight: Murrieta – Surrounded by Natural Beauty

Located in southwestern Riverside County, Murrieta is a nature-lover’s paradise amidst what was previously one of the fastest growing cities in California. The city was incorporated in 1991 and now houses about 110,000 residents. Between 2000 and 2010, Murrieta grew...

Species Spotlight: The Coulter’s Matilija Poppy

The California Poppy is one of our most beloved flowers, but another bloom within the poppy family also needs some love. Named after Irish botanist Thomas Coulter, the Coulter’s Matilija Poppy (Romneya coulteri) was nominated as the California State Flower in 1890 but...

Working Together to Protect Species and Habitat

Partnerships help the RCA implement the Western Riverside County MSHCP. The RCA contracts with the Santa Ana Watershed Association (SAWA) to monitor the 146 species protected by the MSHCP. As part of this partnership, SAWA’s biologists monitor and log endangered and...

Two Trees Trail Offers Dual Access to Box Springs Mountain

Looking for spectacular views of the Inland Empire? Look no more; the Box Springs Mountain Reserve Park is a beacon of western Riverside County with beautiful vistas for hikers. Whether you are in Perris, Moreno Valley, western Riverside, or Highgrove, you can see its...

Board Names Natasha Johnson RCA Chair for Second Year

The RCA Board of Directors unanimously appointed Lake Elsinore City Mayor Pro Tem Natasha Johnson to a second term as RCA Chair. Under Chair Johnson’s leadership last year, the RCA transitioned to new management by the Riverside County Transportation Commission and...

RCTC Opens New Westbound Lane, Green River Road in Corona to 241 in Anaheim Hills

RCTC opened a new lane on westbound 91 between Green River Road in Corona and the 241 Toll Road in Anaheim Hills during the pre-dawn hours of January 6. This new, two-mile, non-tolled lane, built as the centerpiece of the 91 Corridor Operations Project, is expected to...

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