Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore is closed until further notice to ensure the safety of residents, visitors, and sensitive habitat.


Commonly Used Acronyms by the RCA


ARL Additional Reserve Lands
BUOW Burrowing Owl
CALFIRE California Department of Forestry and Fire Protection
CALTRANS California Department of Transportation
CD Consistency Determination
CDFG California Department of Fish and Game
CDFW California Department of Fish and Wildlife (formerly CDFG)
CEQA California Environmental Quality Act
CETAP Community and Environmental Transportation Acceptability Process
CHD Critical Habitat Designation
CIP Capital Improvement Program
CNLM Center for Natural Lands Management
EMWD Eastern Municipal Water District
EPD Environmental Programs Department (Riverside County)
ERP Expedited Review Process
FY Fiscal Year
HANS Habitat Evaluation and Acquisition Negotiation Strategy
HMU Habitat Management Unit
IC Interchange
JPR Joint Project Review
LDMF Local Development Mitigation Fee
MOU Memorandum of Understanding
MSHCP Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan
OHV Off-Highway Vehicle
PCL Proposed Constrained Linkage
PQP Public/Quasi-Public
PSE Participating Special Entities
RCA Regional Conservation Authority
RCD Resource Conservation Districts
RCRCD Riverside-Corona Resource Conservation District
RCOE Riverside County Office of Education
RCTC Riverside County Transportation Commission
RCTD Riverside County Transportation Department
RMOC Reserve Management Oversight Committee
ROVE Recreation Off-Highway Vehicle Enforcement
SAWA Santa Ana Watershed Association
SB San Bernardino
SR State Route
SWG State Wildlife Grant
TAC Technical Advisory Committee
TIFIA Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act
TUMF Transportation Uniform Mitigation Fee
USFWS United States Fish and Wildlife Service
UTM Nad 83 Zone 11 Meter Coordinate System for Maps
WIFIA Water Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act
WA Wildlife Agencies (USFWS & CDFG)
WCB Wildlife Conservation Board
WPT Western Pond Turtle
WRDA Water Resources Development Act
HANS Habitat Evaluation and Negotiation Strategy
ERP Expedited Review Process
CWA Federal Clean Water Act
ESA Endangered Species Act
Revised 12/29/16