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Forms & Applications

Forms & Applications

Below are a list of the most commonly requested forms and applications.

Joint Project Review Fees and Forms
On May 1, 2006 the RCA Board of Directors adopted Resolution 06-05 establishing a policy for the reimbursement of costs related to Joint Project Review and other actions. All private projects subject to a Joint Project Review will be required to tender a deposit of $1,500 from the applicant.

Fee Submittal Forms
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Local Development Fee Submittal Spreadsheet
Includes worksheets for Building and Development Projects (Mitigation Fees)

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Civic Projects Spreadsheet
Civic Projects (i.e., Parks, Libraries, City Hall, Fire Stations, Community Centers, etc)

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Qualified Infrastructure Projects Spreadsheet
Qualified Infrastructure Projects (City and County Roadways Covered by the MSHCP and Other Public Works Projects)

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Flood Control Projects Spreadsheet
For Qualified Flood Control Infrastructure Projects

Participating Special Entities

RCA may grant permission to public agencies and regional service providers who were not part of the original agreement to construct projects within the area covered by the MSHCP.

The MSHCP defines these agencies as any regional public facility provider, such as a utility company, or public district, or any other agency that owns land or operates a facility within the MSHCP plan area.

Use of RCA Property

Applicants requesting permission to enter on RCA property must execute a written agreement prior to commencement of the project or use. RCA grants License Agreements and Rights of Entry (ROE’s) only. A License Agreement is required for longer term uses of RCA property (e.g., species and habitat studies, research projects, other approved projects, etc.). A Right of Entry is required for all temporary uses of or temporary access to RCA property (e.g., studies or surveys requiring less than 12 months to complete). A separate request must be submitted for each entry. Before a License Agreement or ROE can be issued, the applicant must submit a complete application for review and approval.

Campaign Contribution Disclosure Form
The RCA has adopted RCA Board Resolution 08-002 on March 31, 2008 for disclosures by parties, participants, or their agents identifying contributions to regular and alternate RCA Board Members. This process, procedure and form aid regular and alternate RCA Board Members in meeting the requirements of Government Code 84308.

Public Records Request Form
The RCA posts Agendas, Staff Reports and Minutes for all meetings on this website. Other information concerning the MSHCP such as the Permit, Plan Documents and supporting documents can be directly downloaded from the website. Other reports, maps and information are provided in PDF Document Format.