RCA’s programs focus on protecting Riverside County’s investment in habitat and species conservation.

Once land is acquired, it must be managed correctly to ensure species can flourish. In areas where development and wild lands intersect, management can be a difficult challenge. This work consists of evaluating land as it is acquired, controlling unauthorized public access, and maintaining and, in some cases improving upland and wetland habitats.

Monitoring ensures RCA is able to evaluate the effectiveness of its work. The Biological Monitoring Program is being implemented in two phases. The first is an inventory to determine where covered species occur, gather more information on habitat preferences and life cycle, and develop protocols to make sure the surveys detect species if they are present. The second phase is long term monitoring.

Training focuses on making sure staff evaluating projects at local cities and Riverside County are able to accurately evaluate a project and submit evaluations successfully. Training for consulting biologists has a similar goal.

The Joint Project Review Program brings local agencies and RCA together in a streamlined effort to process permit applications in a timely and accurate way.