Any individual, business, or public agency wishing to construct a project within the Criteria Area covered by the MSHCP must obtain an approval from RCA and a permit for the project from the local agency responsible.

Applicants are responsible for costs of the Joint Project Reviews and other related processes, as required by RCA Board Resolution No. 06-05. An initial deposit must be submitted with the application. Costs and expenditures incurred during the process will be billed against the deposit amount. Should the costs exceed the initial amount, the applicant will be billed the difference. If the costs are less than the initial amount, the difference will be refunded.

The initial deposit required to start the following processes are as listed:
Joint Project Review
Meet and Confer
Criteria Refinement
Plan Amendment

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Fees to construct projects are established by the 2020 Final Mitigation Fee Nexus Report for the Western Riverside County Multiple Species Conservation Plan Update.  MSHCP Fees are annually adjusted using the Consumer Price Index.

MSHCP Mitigation Fee Implementation Manual 2023 Update

MSHCP Fees as of July 1, 2023* (Click here for the current MSHCP Fees):
Residential development less than 8.0 dwelling units per acre $4,236/unit
Residential development between 8.0 and 14 dwelling units per acre $1,766/unit
Residential development greater than 14.1 dwelling units per acre $781/unit
Commercial development $19,066/acre
Industrial development $19,066/acre

*NOTE: MSHCP fees will increase on July 1, 2024 by 2.878%

Public agency projects such as libraries, city halls, fire stations, community centers, etc. pay at the same rate as commercial and industrial projects.

Some projects such as city and county roadways, flood control projects, several projects under the Riverside County Transportation Commission, projects by Caltrans and State Parks, and others, were covered as qualified infrastructure projects by the MSHCP. These projects pay 5% of the capital cost of the project.