• Maps, GIS tools, and reports at your fingertips help tell the story of land in the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan. If you want to see how reserves are being assembled, or know the status of your land, you can find out several different ways:
    • Use a Riverside County map to identify the parcels you’re interested in through the Riverside County GIS parcel information tools.
    • Please download a PDF of the current map showing reserve lands and acquisitions of reserve land by RCA.
      Habitat Conservation Summary Map as of October, 2017 –  Download Here (48MB – 300dpi) The light green areas are the 347,000 acres of existing public or quasi-public lands that form the core of the reserve system. The white areas outlined in blue are the cells that comprise the Criteria Area, the land from which RCA will acquire the remaining 153,000 acres over the next 25 years to meet the goal.  The dark green areas are the lands RCA has acquired to date, 56,945 acres.