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Stakeholders Committee

Stakeholders Committee

The Stakeholders Committee is a standing committee established by the RCA bylaws to review implementation plans from a stakeholder perspective and perform such other duties as directed by the Board. The Committee is composed up to sixteen members appointed by the RCA Chair and ratified by the Board.  The Committee will meet as requested by the Chair or Board — at least twice per year. Appointments are made annually. The Executive Director will chair the meetings and facilitate discussion.

 RCA intends for the Committee to:

  1. Bring together people with varying perspectives who share common interest in the MSHCP’s success and who can help the RCA make continuous improvement; and
  2. Increase awareness of the MSHCP and its benefits to western Riverside County.

Committee Membership:

Committee members shall be drawn from the following:

a. Groups representing property owners affected by the MSHCP;
b. Groups representing environmental interests implicated by the MSHCP; and
c. Groups representing the building industry within the area affected by the MSHCP.

 The Stakeholders Committee membership application deadline was October 25, 2021. 

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