Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore is closed until further notice to ensure the safety of residents, visitors, and sensitive habitat.

2021: A Year of Accomplishments

Dec 22, 2021 | MSHCP, News

As we get used to writing “2022” in our materials, the RCA is taking time to reflect on important accomplishments in 2021. Just over a year ago, the Riverside County Transportation Commission assumed its role as managing agency of the RCA, helping to harness the close relationship between transportation and land conservation, facilitate cost savings, and create a louder voice for advocacy.

Under the leadership of Chair Natasha Johnson, the RCA Board of Directors achieved a great deal in only 12 months. From acquiring more than 1,300 acres of land to reestablishing the Stakeholders Committee, from securing new grants for species conservation to adopting a Nexus Study for long-term funding of the Western Riverside County MSHCP, the RCA kept an eagle eye on its goals – and delivered.  

The RCA is excited to share our 2021 accomplishments in this short video and will be tirelessly striving to acquire land to achieve our 500,000-acre goal and working with legislators, partners, and communities to protect habitat for our growing region.