City Spotlight: Wildomar Supports Habitat Preservation

Mar 2, 2023 | City Spotlight, MSHCP, Species

Image of construction starting near the 71 freeway in Corona

Located in the heart of Elsinore Valley, the City of Wildomar was incorporated in 2008 and will turn 15-years-old on July 1. Since becoming a city, Wildomar’s population has grown nearly 71% to more than 38,000 residents. Despite this growth, the City is preserving land and helping fulfill the mission of the MSHCP.

Within the City boundary, 844 acres of Additional MSHCP reserve lands are protected that support an important wildlife movement corridor on the east side of Interstate 15 and the City is adjacent to the Cleveland National Forest to the west. Nearby, the Santa Rosa Plateau Wildlife Area awaits visitors just off Clinton Keith Road. There are more than 9,000 acres of lands in this reserve for several MSHCP-protected species, such as the Engelmann oak, Santa Rosa Plateau fairy shrimp, bobcat, and mountain lion. The Lake Skinner Recreational Area, French Valley Wildlife Area, and the Santa Margarita Reserve are also in the greater area offering excellent hiking trails and opportunities to encounter MSHCP-protected species.

Mountain lion, code M317, in Riverside County

Wildomar’s participation in the MSHCP is not only crucial to protecting sensitive habitats for the 146 native animal and plant species in western Riverside County, but also allows for sustainable development that will benefit future generations.