Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore is closed until further notice to ensure the safety of residents, visitors, and sensitive habitat.

Grease The Chains, Fill The Tires With Air and Adjust the Saddle For A Bike Ride

Oct 30, 2023 | MSHCP, Recreational

RCA MSHCP Reserve Assembly Map

Is your bike collecting dust in your garage or storage unit? Get your bike ready for these great rides on trails that are part of the MSHCP. Fall is undoubtedly the best season for bike riding. The cooler temperatures, the autumn colors, and crisp air combined create perfect conditions to strap on your helmet and hit the trails.

While out in the open air, it has been shown that riding a bike can relieve stress and support overall health. With the holiday season coming up, riding your bike may help you stay in shape for the turkey dinners (hopefully not the vulture turkey) and favorite deserts. 

In western Riverside County, there are plenty of trails to get your bike mileage in while also enjoying the serenity of MSHCP-protected lands. As part of the MSHCP, the RCA encourages the community to experience the open space in safe manner that allows for the conservation of habitats and its native species and of course, keeping you safe. Below are some bike trails on MSHCP-protected lands.

Hidden Valley/Santa Ana River Trail
The Santa Ana River Trail (SART) spans approximately 100 miles from San Bernardino to Orange County. In Riverside County, the best place to start your ride on the SART is at the Hidden Valley Nature Reserve Center. From the Hidden Valley Wildlife Area, you can head east towards downtown Riverside and beyond. If you want to head west towards Orange County, there is a trailhead at Green River Rd. in Corona. The trail runs alongside the Santa Ana River. You might encounter Yellow Breasted Chat or Tree Swallow on your ride. Make sure to stay on the trail.


Diamond Valley Lake
Diamond Valley Lake is a diamond in the rough for bike rides. At the lake, you will encounter a 21-mile loop trail that spans the perimeter of the lake along the shoreline. Don’t take your road bike on this trail. A hybrid or mountain bike is better suited for this trail since there are unpaved sections.  At Diamond Valley Lake you may encounter the Golden Eagle or Quino Checkerspot Butterfly.


Lake Perris Reserve
Spend a day at the lake with a leisurely bike ride. Lake Perris Reserve has bike trails along with a multiuse trail that spans the entire Lake.

RCA-owned lands offer opportunities for passive recreational activities, including hiking, wildlife observation, and biking. These activities have a minimal impact on the covered species and natural habitats within RCA-owned lands. While bike riding is generally categorized as a passive recreational activity, it’s important to note that when conducted in large groups or if someone builds unauthorized trails, adverse effects may affect covered species and impact sensitive habitats such as scrub and chaparral. Please follow all park rules. https://wildlife.ca.gov/Lands/Places-to-Visit/San-Jacinto-WA