Mt. Rubidoux: A Great Hike, Views, and Habitat for Protected Species

Apr 6, 2023 | City Spotlight, MSHCP

San Jacinto crownscale plant in western Riverside County

Hiking Mt. Rubidoux is a rite of passage for many Riverside residents. Once you conquer the trail, whether on foot, with your dog, or on your bike, you feel like you are on top of the world.

Just a few blocks from downtown Riverside, Mt. Rubidoux is a 161-acre park surrounded by the Santa Ana River and Jurupa Valley with spectacular views of Mt. Baldy, the San Jacinto Mountains, and other area landmarks. The park has approximately 3.5 miles of paved and unpaved hiking trails. Depending upon your speed and endurance, it takes about 30-60 minutes to reach the top.

At the base of the mountain, there are entrances from Mission Inn Avenue, 9th Street/Rubidoux Dr., and San Andreas Ave. We recommend using the San Andreas Ave. trailhead as there is plenty of parking at nearby Ryan Bonaminio Park.

Click the video above to hear the beautiful sounds of Mt. Rubidoux

As any true Riversider knows, there are two paved routes to reach the top of Mt. Rubidoux. The trail to the left is flatter and slightly longer. The trail to the right is a bit steeper but a shorter route. Regardless of your path, the hike is worth it. With the city receiving more than 15 inches of rain this year, flowers are sprouting, and the mountain is green!

Along the way, you will find Peace Tower. This cobblestone tower and bridge were built in 1925 and is dedicated to Frank A. Miller, an early Riverside civic leader and former Mission Inn owner.

San Jacinto crownscale plant in western Riverside County

Mt. Rubidoux’s Peace Tower and Friendship Bridge

Mt. Rubidoux Park is part of the MSHCP Conserved Public Quasi-Public Lands. It is owned and managed by the City of Riverside. Several MSHCP-protected animals make this area their home, including the granite spiny lizard, the least Bell’s sparrow, and the sharp-shinned hawk, also known as a sharpie. Below in Mt. Rubidoux Creek, the Santa Ana sucker and the arroyo chub have been observed.

Mt. Rubidoux hosts history, hikers, and nature and is one of western Riverside County’s finest examples of how land conservation can create healthy and sustainable communities. For park information, visit the City of Riverside Mt. Rubidoux webpage.