Walker Canyon in Lake Elsinore is closed until further notice to ensure the safety of residents, visitors, and sensitive habitat.

RCA Celebrates Acquistion of 670 Additional Acres of Land for the MSHCP

Mar 27, 2024 | MSHCP, News

B-Canyon Landscapte Image
The roars of mountain lions, the purrs of bobcats, and the hisses of turkey vultures echo throughout the valleys of B Canyon. These are a few of the Multiple Species Habitat Conservation Plan (MSHCP) protected species you may find roaming around the 670-acre property- a property the RCA recently acquired comprised of undeveloped land and located just outside of Corona, south of State Route 91 (SR-91) between Chino Hills State Park and Cleveland National Forest.

“The acquisition of the B Canyon property is a momentous milestone for the RCA, Riverside County, Corona, and Norco residents as well as protected plant and animal species who call this region home,” said RCA Board of Directors Chair and City of Norco Councilmember Kevin Bash. “Preserving land like B Canyon maintains our region’s natural beauty and provides open space for our residents to enjoy.”

B Canyon is home to a diverse array of animal and plants protected under the MSHCP, including Cooper’s hawk, turkey vulture, bobcat, coyote, and threatened and endangered species such as coastal California gnatcatcher, Braunton’s milk-vetch, and chaparral nolia.

B-Canyon Landscapte Image
Habitat loss, land development, and vehicle collisions have significantly negatively impacted wildlife across southern California, with the mountain lion population especially vulnerable to these factors. B Canyon is adjacent to an undercrossing under SR-91 that helps protect wildlife and facilitates connectivity between the Chino Hills State Park, Cleveland National Forest, and nearby areas. This makes the property a vital acquisition that will help biodiversity in this region flourish. Additionally, improvements to protect and enhance this wildlife crossing are being developed by Caltrans.

This acquisition of 670 acres of land brings the State of California closer to its 30X30 goal of conserving 30% of California lands and coastal waters by 2030. The B Canyon property was acquired for $21 million using various local and state funds – $6.6 million from Local Development Mitigation Fees (LDMF) and $14.5 million awarded by the California Wildlife Conservation Board (WCB) from the Habitat Conservation Fund and other resources.

The need for continued habitat conservation in the region is underscored by Riverside County’s continued growth. This pivotal acquisition brings RCA closer to assembling the 500,000-acre reserve under the MSHCP. For 20 years, the MSHCP has helped streamline transportation, infrastructure, and private development projects. RCA is dedicated to maintaining strong local, state, and federal partnerships to continue protecting and preserving 146 native species throughout western Riverside County.