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Temecula’s French Valley Parkway Interchange Starts Next Phase of Construction

May 22, 2023 | Infrastructure, MSHCP

The stretch of I-15 between the San Diego County Line and the 215/15 “Y” has become increasingly congested with traffic as the region continues to grow. This economic and population growth drives the need for additional transportation infrastructure projects to keep traffic flowing across western Riverside County. The MSHCP helps streamline the environmental process on these much-needed projects saving both time and cost while also protecting our natural environment.

One of the latest transportation projects to get off the ground, thanks to the MSHCP, is the city of Temecula’s French Valley Parkway Improvements Project Phase II. The project broke ground in February. Once the project is completed it is anticipated traffic weaving on the northbound 15 near the 15/215 “Y” junction will be reduced. Improvements in this area will include widening the highway, adding new lanes on the northbound 15, and construction of a new connector that will allow motorists on Winchester Road to seamlessly connect to the 215 and 15 without making several lane changes while on the 15.

The French Valley Parkway Improvements Project – and other infrastructure projects in western Riverside County – benefit from the MSHCP, which streamlines the environmental permitting process for such projects. This provides clearance and mitigation for special-status species under the federal and state Endangered Species Acts and the California Environmental Quality Act.

Without the benefit of the MSHCP, projects such as the French Valley Parkway Improvements would take longer and cost more to complete.

For more information about this project, visit temeculaca.gov/fvp.