The Grant Cycle: Applying, Spending, and Reporting

Apr 12, 2021 | Funding, MSHCP

Grant Cycle

Grants are a boon for conservation agencies such as the RCA. Grants awarded by other organizations offer an opportunity for the RCA to purchase needed land, supplementing local development mitigation fees.

RCA actively pursues state and federal grants. However, grants may be difficult to secure or spend. The application process can be lengthy, and they often have conditions the grantee must meet.

Applying for a grant takes planning and research. Before applying, RCA and its partners consider the grant amount, eligibility, timelines, requirements, and current conservation priorities.

RCA is currently focused on spending three grants totaling $26.7 million that federal and state partners have awarded to help the RCA purchase Additional Reserve Lands. In particular, the RCA is using federal Section 6 grants, also known as Cooperative Endangered Species Conservation HCP Land Acquisition grants from the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. RCA also received a state grant for conservation in the Jurupa Mountain area. This grant was secured through the state legislative process championed by Assembly Member Sabrina Cervantes.