Don’t Let Litter be the Legacy You Leave Behind

Dec 21, 2023 | MSHCP, Recreational

The adventure seekers of Riverside County will soon be lacing up their hiking boots, filling up their water bottles, and hitting our local trails as the holidays wrap up and fitness routines get back underway. Before heading out on a hike on our local hiking trails, keep in mind these tips that will keep our open spaces clean and help protect our natural lands:

Take it Out, Pack it in: While enjoying western Riverside County’s natural beauty, keeping other hikers and critters in mind is important. After finishing a much-deserved trail snack, dispose of trash in the appropriate receptacle and quickly look around to ensure you leave no trace behind to protect conservation areas from litter. RCA conservation lands are home to 146 native plant and animal species. You wouldn’t want someone else’s trash in your home, so make sure not to leave your trash in theirs.

Stay on the Trail: While it may be tempting to let your adventurous spirit lead you off the beaten path, this can be extremely damaging to the native flora and fauna. Designated trails are specifically created to withstand a good trampling. Still, the same cannot be said for sensitive habitats on the trail’s edge. Help protect these areas by staying on the trails.

Doggy Bag it: Dogs are allowed on some trails, but not others. If the trail is dog friendly, please make sure to keep your dog on a leash and pick up their waste for the sake of the habitat and other hikers’ boots. Bacteria in dog waste is harmful to the natural environment.

Respect the Signs: If you arrive at a trailhead to find it temporarily closed, it is always for good reason. Sometimes bad weather, dangerous conditions, or sensitive wildlife can make a trail inaccessible. Do not put yourself and our rare and protected plants and animals at risk.

Need to find a trail or park to start your hiking journey? Make sure to check out our Recreational Opportunities webpage. You will find some western Riverside County trails and parks that are also part of the MSHCP.