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Kabian Park: Rolling Hills and Countless Trails

Jan 12, 2024 | MSHCP, Recreational, Species

 Landscape in Riverside, California

Looking for a place to bird watch, close your exercise ring, or even stretch out your horse’s legs? Roy W. Kabian Memorial Park, in the small community of Quail Valley in Menifee, is calling you! 

The one-acre park space features restrooms, a children’s playground, and picnic tables – making it a perfect spot for families to spend an afternoon outdoors. Greeting visitors as they make their way into the park is a boulder lined parking lot steps away from the park’s amenities. Kabian Park is shrouded by tall, luscious trees, and an opening in the wall of trees marks the entrance to the vast 639-acre reserve. For avid hikers and runners, the reserve’s countless trails draped over rolling hills make it a scenic place to get those steps in – and even features equestrian trails. Hike or ride one of the many trails to the west end of the reserve and you will be greeted with an Instagramble view of a lake. 

The park’s history traces back to 1968 – when a plot of land was purchased by the city of Perris with a donation from Madelina Kabian to honor her late son, Roy. The lot was turned into Kabian Park and later turned over to the Riverside County Parks Department in 1974.  

Today, the reserve is home to many MSHCP-protected species, including the bells sage sparrow, coastal California gnatcatcher, grasshopper sparrow, Southern California rufous-crowned sparrow, yellow warbler, Dulzura kangaroo rat, San Diego black-tailed jackrabbit, San Diego desert woodrat, and the poster child of conservation success stories: the Stephens’ kangaroo rat. As you make your way through the reserve’s numerous trails, the various birds make their presence known by belting out calls and chirps that linger in the air – making it a dream spot for bird watchers. 

Grasshopper sparrow

Grasshopper sparrow

Kabian Park’s 640 acres are part of the 347,000 acres of Public/Quasi-Public Land (PQP) lands that make up the MSHCP assembly. PQP Lands are owned by the public or have quasi-public owners and provide recreational opportunities and conservation. 

The park is located on 28001 Kabian Park Road in Quail Valley and is free to visit and enjoy from 8 a.m. to sunset, daily. Guests should exercise proper park and hiking etiquette when visiting. For more information, please visit the park website. Happy trails!