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It’s Back to School Time: There’s Plenty to Learn about the RCA and the MSHCP

Sep 13, 2022 | MSHCP, News

kids at Soboba Earth Day event

Tardy bells are ringing, teachers are calling roll, and students are taking tests and working to finish homework assignments. The start of the school year is a great time to remember that learning never really stops. So why not learn more about western Riverside County’s 146 MSHCP protected species?

At its core, the RCA’s mission is to acquire 500,000 acres of habitat to protect 146 native plant and animal species. This offers a great opportunity to teach the next generation about these local species. The RCA’s School Resources webpage has a wealth of information about some of the species protected by the MSHCP. Many have been featured in our “Species Spotlight,” including whether they are endangered.

kids at Soboba Earth Day event

Does your student need information about the chubby Arroyo chub or colorful Plummer’s mariposa lily? The page contains presentations, articles, and even videos with brief descriptions of the species and the type of habitat within the MSHCP.

For in-person educational experiences, eight reserves are available to visit in western Riverside County. These reserves include information about the 146 species we protect and offer amazing landscapes and hiking trails. With luck, you, your family and friends may be able to spot a white-faced ibis or a Engelman oak tree as part of your firsthand learning.