RCA and RCTC Women: Making a Difference

Mar 15, 2022 | MSHCP, News

Case studies around the world show that when women lead in conservation efforts, indicators of success rise, according to a 2021 article about gender equality in the New York Times.

The RCA and managing agency RCTC understand the value of women in the workplace and employ significantly more women than average in these industries. These women are helping make Riverside County a better place to live, work, and play by conserving land through the Western Riverside County MSHCP and delivering transportation projects countywide.

Of the approximate 70 employees who work at RCTC, 40 are women – more than half. On average, the transportation industry employs about 15% women, while the conservation industry employs about 30%. Notably, 40% of our senior management positions are held by women, and Executive Director Anne Mayer is at the helm of both agencies. Many staff – female and male alike – are members of Women’s Transportation Seminar, an international organization that strives to advance women in the field of transportation.

The RCA’s Board of Directors bucks the industry trend too. The RCA Board of Directors elected Lake Elsinore Mayor Pro Tem Natasha Johnson as the Chair of the Board, a position she has held for two years. Through the pandemic and the consolidation of the RCTC/RCA, Chair Johnson led the agency through challenges, changes, and a brighter future for the RCA.

Although the U.S. began officially commemorating Women’s History Month 35 years ago, women have been making land conservation a priority through our nation’s history. From Eleanor Roosevelt to Herma Baggley, women have been at the forefront of protecting our lands for future generations.

At RCA, we continue the tradition of conserving lands for species through female leadership. The MSHCP goal of acquiring 500,000 acres of land for 146 native species will be achieved with women leading the way.