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City Spotlight: Murrieta – Surrounded by Natural Beauty

Mar 5, 2022 | MSHCP, News

Located in southwestern Riverside County, Murrieta is a nature-lover’s paradise amidst what was previously one of the fastest growing cities in California. The city was incorporated in 1991 and now houses about 110,000 residents. Between 2000 and 2010, Murrieta grew by 133%, making it one of the fastest growing cities for that time period.

Trisected by Interstate 15 and Interstate 215, the city is surrounded by hills, creeks, a national forest, and suburban neighborhoods. Murrieta is close to the Santa Rosa Plateau, Lake Skinner, the Cleveland National Forest, and other recreational opportunities for outdoor lovers.

The MSHCP has been instrumental to Murrieta’s sustainable growth. An active partner in the MSHCP, Murrieta prides itself on being close to natural protected lands.

As one of the permittees of the MSHCP, Murrieta’s goal is to conserve 3,200 acres of Additional Reserve Land for the MSHCP. To date, with the help of federal and state partners, Murrieta has conserved 1,281 acres. Species listed for MSHCP protection within the Murrieta city limits include the California Red-legged frog, Parish Brittlescale, mountain lions, western spadefoot, California horned lark, and more.